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Blog: How CODE Measures PRO Capture Rate

Capture rate is the one of the most important metrics for any PRO program. Find out how we calculate ours.


Download: PRO Vendor Checklist – Q&A

Are you shopping for a Patient-Reported Outcome vendor? This checklist is a must!


Cheat Sheet: PRO Acronyms

So many acronyms, so little time. Download this orthopedic PRO cheat sheet as a quick and handy reference guide.

Download Our 1-Page Guide: Most Popular Ortho PRO Tools

Guide: Most Popular PRO Tools

The tools in this guide are the most popular tools in the CODE universe.  Why you ask?  Simple. They get you the best data.

Download our Free Guide: Spearheading an Outcomes Program

Guide: Spearheading an Outcomes Program

For a clear outline on how to successfully implement an outcomes program, download our 10 Step Guide.

CJR Simplified

Guide: CJR Simplified. A Practical Guide to Preparing for CJR

We break it all down into easy concepts and use case studies to illustrate the impact CJR (and collecting PROs) will have on your organization.

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Blog: Submitting data to MARCQI

For a clear outline on how to successfully submit data to the Michigan Arthroplasty Registry Collaborative Quality Initiative data registry.

Submitting PROS to AJRR

Guide: Submit PROs to AJRR

Get the skinny on all the different options on how and what to submit to AJRR, and learn how CODE can handle the entire process for you.

Orthopedic Patient-Reported Outcome Tools

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