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CODE is different from every other PRO vendor.

Your Patient Reported Outcomes Team

CODE is a patient-reported outcomes platform AND a service.

Dedicated CODE account managers run your PRO program.

Enrollment, collection, and reporting – handled. Our account managers keep an eye on 100% of your day-to-day program to ensure you are on track.

80% capture rate

Collecting data is what we do! Using proprietary communication algorithms, CODE is able to achieve an 80% survey capture rate through 1 year postoperative collection. CODE sets the bar at long term PROs follow-up. By maintaining a high PRO’s capture rate, CODE clients are able to build a high quality data registry that is actionable.

CODE collects over 3500 patient-reported outcome surveys every week making CODE one of the largest repositories of patient-reported outcomes in the US.

Benchmark your data with the CODE Registry

The value in collecting patient-reported outcomes is not only in seeing an individual patient’s functional improvement or in how your patients are doing collectively. The value comes when you can compare your data to the CODE Registry.

The expansive nature of the registry provides CODE clients the opportunity to compare their patients, cohorts, and providers to a national registry of data. Providers can learn what the national benchmark is for functional improvement, complications, patient experience, and net promoter scores enabling your practice to identify potential issues and improve the way you deliver care.

CODE is the end-to-end solution for your PRO Program

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Our team helps you collect all PROMs: Functional and Global Health Measures, Patient Experience and Patient-Reported Complication Measures, and CAT.

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Score and Store

Patient PRO surveys are scored and saved on CODE’s dashboard within seconds of completion. Access your data and reports 24/7 via our web-based dashboard.

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Benchmark and Report

Our standardized, high quality patient-reported outcome data results in robust reporting. Patient reports, role-based reports, and benchmarking reports are all available at your fingertips.

Our Clients Love Us

Key Implementation

If I could sum up my experience with CODE in one word, I would say, easy.

– CEO, Large Private Practice, collecting since 2015

“One of the things that was going to be critical for us and our group in the future would be our ability to not only collect data but to analyze and report on it. We all collect data and we live in the electronic age. Not very many people actually use it or know how to use it or are willing to invest in using it.  So we made a big push with that. As part of our competitive advantage, we want to continue investing in data infrastructure in order to utilize our data.”

– CEO, Methodist Sports Medicine

Let CODE take PROS off your hands forever.

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