10 Step Guide: Spearheading an Outcomes Program

10 Step Guide to Spearheading a Patient-Reported Outcomes Program

Taking a patient-reported outcomes program from concept to reality is a huge endeavor involving many stakeholders.

With all these people and ideas to navigate, having a clear game plan is the most important tool you need in order to start collecting patient-reported outcomes in your organization.

In this guide you’ll learn:

  • How to establish program goals
  • What kind of budget you need
  • Who the decision-makers are
  • How to identify influencers, both advocates & adversaries
  • The key to getting your program approved
  • How to design your data collection program
  • Tips for surviving the contract phase
  • Implementation considerations
  • 2 important questions that will get you to GO LIVE
  • Framework for evaluating your program

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