Developing a patient-reported outcomes program from mere concept to useful reality is a time-consuming endeavor involving many stakeholders.

The JNS reported a successful outcomes program implementation required involvement from:

``A multidisciplinary team consisting of a surgeon-champion, neurosurgical advanced practice providers (APPs), hospital quality improvement and clinical informatics professionals, clinic administrators, medical assistants (MAs), and new patient coordinators facilitated the implementation of this project. The inclusion of hospital administration, quality assessment personnel, clinicians, and programmers was necessary.``

With all these people & ideas to navigate, having a clear plan for implementation is the most important tool you need in order to start collecting PROs in your organization.

In this guide you’ll learn:

  • How to establish program goals
  • What kind of budget you need
  • Who are the decision makers
  • How to identify influencers, both advocates & adversaries
  • The key to getting your program approved
  • How to design your data collection program
  • Tips for surviving the contract phase
  • Implementation considerations
  • 2 important questions that will get you to GO LIVE
  • Framework for evaluating your program

You should read this report if you:

  • Were asked to look into a thing called “patient-reported programs”
  • Are in charge of setting up an outcomes program at your facility
  • Have started developing an outcomes program, but are running into roadblocks, or are looking for a framework.