Our Mission

Our mission is to help you and your team collect, use and love patient-reported outcome data.

We know helping organizations love PROs is no easy feat, but we believe PROs can be scalable and even fun (yes, we said fun) when you take the burden of collecting the data out of the hands of internal staff.

We are here to serve

At CODE we like to say
Software + Service = Awesome

At our core, CODE is a service company.

Yes. We have a software platform and a powerful algorithm, but most importantly, we have humans that run your PRO program and treat it like their own.


A few simple values help us stay true to our mission.

We are data-driven

The truth is out there. Assumptions and gut feelings are nice, but we use data to support and drive all decisions.

Do the right thing

With great power comes great responsibility. We make decisions that are in the best interest of all.

All in

At CODE we are united in our mission to make health care better. In everything we do, we seek a win/win scenario, or it’s no deal.

Serve humbly

Nice people finish first here at CODE. In every interaction, we make life easy for our clients, our partners, and for each other.


A higher quality of life is what we all want, which is why we celebrate the BIG & small accomplishments of our clients and teammates.


Let CODE take PROs off your hands forever.

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