Data is the most significant asset any organization possesses that helps inform business decisions, strategy and insights. Data as a core business asset has a major impact on the organization.

Methodist Sports Medicine has done an incredible job of collecting patient-reported outcome data in partnership with CODE and maximizing the value of the data asset. Methodist Sports’s CEO, Marty Rosenberg describes three (3) key points that are mission-critical for success:

1) Partnerships with Vendors

2) Investing in People

3) Investing in Tools needed to aggregate the data

First is Partnerships with Vendors by establishing fantastic relationships with the data collection companies outside of the proprietary market historically and allowing them to be willing to share the cool data.

Second is Investing in People and giving them an opportunity to grow in the areas around data management aggregation and analysis. Make sure you have the right people and are investing in those people to get the skill sets necessary to manage the data. Methodist Sport’s Director of Research & Education Chris Curless, has spent a significant amount of time becoming adept at data analytics, people investment and infrastructure.

The last is Investing in the Tools needed to aggregate the data. It all comes down to willingness to invest in managing the data. The goal is that it can be used to manipulate the data in a tool such as Tableau Software, an interactive data visualization software

Marty Rosenberg states that, “With CODE, we have an end-to-end report clinically in the practice. We want to get as much data as we can which is a big topic in Healthcare, also what we are doing with the data. So we in our own little world, want to capture as much of our data as we can!”

In Conclusion:

As Marty shared, “When I came back to the group five (5) years ago, we were doing the strategic planning process and we said that one of the things that was going to be critical for us and our group in the future will be our ability to not only collect data but to analyze and report on it. We all collect data and we live in the electronic age. Not very many people actually use it or know how to use it or are willing to invest in using it.  So we made a big push with that. As part of our competitive advantage, we want to continue investing in data infrastructure in order to utilize our data.”

CODE believes that data is an asset to your organization – just like your people, your innovation, your tools and your patients. CODE is committed to helping you and your organization achieve better outcomes and utilizing your data.

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