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We collect, report and benchmark patient-reported outcome data as a service.

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We Believe in Outcome Data

Our sole mission is to collect Patient-Reported Outcome Data. We believe outcome data will change healthcare.


CODE Is Your Expert For Outcome Data

How to Prepare for Value-Based Care in Spine

Value Based Healthcare

Value-based healthcare champions the notion of quality of services over quantity. Discover its approach, benefits, and implementation.

Image of a patient talking about her care with her doctor

Patient Centered Care

Step into the era of patient-centered care. Learn how a patient-centered approach to medicine can improve health care service in a hospital or private practice.

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Patient Reported Outcomes

Today’s healthcare landscape is shaped by self-reported data. Learn how collecting patient-reported outcome data is the gold standard for improving care.

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Healthcare Data Registries

Healthcare data registries can be powerful vehicles for improving delivery of care, practice management, physician reimbursement, and more.

How HIPAA protects healthcare data

Healthcare Data

Healthcare data directly impacts patient outcomes. Let’s examine the benefits and challenges that are arising as the healthcare system continues to evolve.

Our platform was built to make collecting outcomes possible.

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Hands Off for You

We connect directly with your patients, on your behalf, 100% out of office.

80% Capture Rate

Across ALL intervals. No other patient-reported outcomes vendor achieves a higher capture rate.

Robust Reporting

Our fully customizable patient-reported outcome reports are designed with your goals in mind.

Dedicated Support

CODE is your dedicated outcomes team, ensuring you collect the most robust data possible.

Don't take our word for it. Take theirs...

"I am so glad we chose this product and appreciate the expertise and wisdom of the CODE team. They know outcomes inside and out, which gives us confidence in the product and the methods."

Ortho Service Line Coordinator

Multi-Location Hospital, Collecting since 2015

"CODE allows us to get a return on investment by providing our analytics team with incredible data. They allow us to demonstrate that [we are] an organization worthy of partnering for both clinical care and research."

Marty Rosenberg

CEO, Forte Sports Medicine & Orthopedics

"If I could sum up my experience with CODE in one word, I would say, easy."

CEO, Large Private Practice

Collecting Since 2015

We’re ready to take PRO collection off your hands forever


Industry-Leading PRO Registry

Our PRO service helps our clients collect data from over 3,500 patients per week


Speedy Implementation

CODE clients are up and running in 30 days collecting patient-reported outcomes from every eligible patient.


No Changes to Clinical Workflow

Zero hardware investment. Zero manual data entry. Zero disruption to your office.

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