We Collect Patient-Reported Outcome Data

Quietly While You Work

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We collect Orthopedic outcome data for hospitals and private practices as a service

  • Enroll

    NO MANUAL DATA ENTRY. We intercept the data directly from your EHR or surgery scheduling software
  • Collect

    We contact patients to administer and collect all PRO Data AS A SERVICE
  • Analyze

    Your Data is converted into EASY TO READ Reports in real-time on a web based dashboard
  • Utilize

    We help you to utilize your PRO data and CREATE A ROADMAP FOR GENERATING VALUE


Hospitals utilize our 90% capture rate to help build a data registry as fast as possible. Your researchers are able to utilize high-quality data to innovate collaborative care initiatives and become centers of excellence attracting the attention of patients, payers, and surgeons.
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Private Practices

Collecting PRO data is extremely challenging for busy clinics. Working with CODE is like having your own research department handling the process from administering surveys, to presenting actionable data analytics allowing you to truly differentiate your practice.
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Code PRO Solution is:
Easy to Implement. Easy to Expand. Easy to Manage

CODE Technology was specifically designed to alleviate the burden from the provider while creating an easy and personalized experience for the patient. We work with organizations of all sizes across the country to collect outcome data pre and post-operatively.

Collecting outcomes for the good of
patients, practice & public.
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