How do we define a ‘good’ outcome in health care?

This is a really tough question to answer. A lot of incredibly smart people in health care are trying to associate data to define this historically vague question.  Meaningful, benchmarked patient-reported outcome data is one of the data sets proving promosing in uncovering powerful insights from the patient perspecitve.

Two examples of benchmarking in orthopedics:

  1. Comparing functional patient-reported outcome data, surgeons can see how they compare to their colleauges, and better yet use the data to find ways to improve outcomes for everyone in the organization.
  2. Comparing patient experience PROMs, organziations can learn about wait times, if the pre-op class was helpful, and how that varies by provider, location, and nationally.

As innovators in the PROM collection and benchmarking space, CODE Technology has compiled everything you want to know about benchmarking in orthopedics in our guide, Raising the Bar: A Guide to Benchmarking Basics.

Download the orthopedic benchmarking guide to learn:

  • What benchmarking is
  • Why it’s important
  • Ideas for what you can do with the data
  • The benefits of benchmarking
  • How CODE can help you get started