PRO Vendor Checklist

Patient Reported Outcomes Vendor Checklist

Are you evaluating Patient-Reported Outcome vendors?
This checklist is a must!

Patient-Reported Outcomes (PROs) are a critical component of assessing patients’ improvement of health. PROs play a prominent role in assessing performance and determining comparative effectiveness of treatments, much in part due to the emphasis on patient-centered and value-based healthcare.

What we do know about the collection of PRO data is that it can be used to benchmark the performance of health providers and provide a link to reimbursements and the effectiveness of treatments. Now, functional and well-being survey assessments enable health providers to measure the overall care and effectiveness of treatment plans.

Ask every vendor these questions before making your decision. They are meant to help you understand what the process looks like, how much it costs (in time and money), and what a PRO vendor actually does to help you meet your data collection goals.

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