Hospitals are able to utilize patient reported outcome data to innovate collaborative care initiatives and become centers of excellence attracting the attention of patients, payers, and surgeons.

Hospitals love the CODE PRO Platform because it allows the ability to quickly build a high-quality private data registry. Patient-reported outcome data differentiates your hospital by shifting the focus from the pure cost-reduction model implemented by your competitors, to a complete value-based model.

As a hospital, your care team loves actionable data to improve patient outcomes. You also have an extremely high volume of procedures that allows you the ability to quickly build a massive private registry. CODE’s high-quality data gives your researchers the ability to isolate and stratify data for Quality Assurance initiatives, as well as innovation in care-procedures.

While patients may not return to the hospital, CODE’s service allows for the previously impossible follow-up required in collecting long-term results. Measuring this data against total costs reveals the ‘value data’ needed to innovate care-procedures. By eliminating non-value adding services and reallocating resources to reduce costs, hospitals can also improve patient-outcomes at the same time to maximize BPCI & CCJR initiatives. This establishes a positive reputation in the community that attracts more patients and highly-skilled surgeons to your locations.

To see what a high-quality database looks like for one of our hospital clients, please download a free sample of some of the reports. If interested in expanding, or starting an outcomes program at your hospital, please contact one of our outcomes specialists.