Patient-Reported Outcome Data For Private Practices

November 20, 2015


Patient-Reported Outcomes in a Private Practice Setting

Working with CODE is like having your own research department handling the process from administering surveys, to presenting actionable data analytics allowing you to truly differentiate your practice.

Private practices love the CODE PRO Platform because it allows you the ability to quickly build a high-quality private data registry. Patient-reported outcome data differentiates your practice by shifting the focus from the pure cost-reduction model implemented by your competitors, to a complete value-based model.

Measuring the long-term results against total costs, provides you the information needed to shape the field through innovation, waste reduction, and improved patient-outcomes. Instead of having process measures and goals of care dictated by hospitals, payers, or government agencies, YOU define best practices and become the leader in the value-care delivery chain. Demonstrating your superior outcomes establishes strategic alliances with hospitals and healthcare plans, while also attracting more patients.

To see what a high-quality database looks like for one of our private practice clients, or if you are interested in expanding or starting an outcomes program at your private practice, please contact one of our outcomes specialists.

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