Why CODE Rocks at Collecting Patient-Reported Outcomes
Clinical Outcomes Data and Engineering (CODE) Technology is passionate about collecting patient-reported outcome (PRO) measures — and we believe we’re the best at it. This is why we ‘rock’ patient-reported outcomes:

CODE Technology has years of experience marrying medicine and technology.

Our executive team has been working with hospitals and physician practices for years, helping them run more efficiently and cost-effectively. We know how medical organizations work, we know how patients act, we know the ins and outs of medical regulations, and we know how best to use technology to solve practical problems (instead of to create new headaches). Our team collectively has over 30 publications in major medical journals.

CODE Technology is skilled both in the practice of medicine and in the development of software

Some companies that hawk survey tools or services know the medical side of things, but are light on the technology. Others know the technology, but don’t understand healthcare. We know both. We have members on our team with years of training and experience in medicine, and we have team members who are wizards with computers and software. We’ve got the right mix of medical and research professionals who understand the data, working in close concert with the service and technology gurus who’ve figured out the best ways to collect and track it.

CODE Technology is focused exclusively on patient outcomes

Patient outcomes are what we do. Everyone at CODE Technology is 100% dedicated to providing the highest level of service and support to our customers — hospitals and physician practices — and to our customers’ customers — your patients. We have the process down cold for collecting patient outcomes, and we take care of all the collection, data maintenance, and reporting issues. We make it easy for you to enjoy the benefits of having the outcome data, without having to undergo the frustration and difficulty of collecting it yourself.

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We’re research nerds, and we believe Patient-Reported Outcomes are going to transform healthcare for the better - and we’re not alone. That is why we’re helping organizations collect and interpret as much data as possible, as efficiently as possible. Let us help you help the world.