How CODE Creates a Sustainable Process for Collecting PRO Data

February 11, 2015


Our goal is to help you develop a sustainable Patient-Reported Outcomes (PROs) program

CODE Technology is a full-service outcomes platform that collects patient-reported outcome measures as a service. The CODE Technology team handles 100% of your ongoing patient-reported outcome data collection and day-to-day program management.

A sustainable PRO program is one that consistently delivers the highest capture rate, collects the highest quality data, and allows for the most robust benchmarking. Our mission is to help health care providers spend more time operating at the top of their game. Our unique platform and service for collecting and reporting patient-reported outcomes help organizations:

  • Build a scalable, internal patient-reported outcome data registry with very little effort;
  • Implement patient-centered care;
  • Benchmark internally and nationally;
  • Negotiate better insurance contracts;
  • Win managed-care agreements; and
  • Provide the best possible care for patients.

How CODE Works

CODE Technology is a patient-reported outcome service that handles every aspect of PRO data collection for you as a service, 100% out-of-office. We collect, store, report, and benchmark orthopedic PRO data for you – See how our platform works

Our platform is the most streamlined process for collecting patient-reported outcomes. You tell us what measures you would like to collect and what intervals you would like us to send the surveys, and we do the rest. CODE works with all patient-reported outcome measures – from functional and global health measures like the HOOS, KOOS, and PROMIS Global 10 – to Patient Experience and CAT.

Once a patient is enrolled (usually done automatically via integration) in the PRO program your job is done and the CODE team takes over. We deliver surveys to your patients via phone call, text message, and email. Even better, your patients are not required to log in to a patient portal. This multi-touch approach delivers the highest capture rate – averaging 85% – both pre and post-operatively, at all care intervals. As soon as a patient hits submit, your data is available on the CODE dashboard.


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