How CODE PRO Creates a Sustainable and Reliable System for Collecting PRO DataOur goal is to help you develop a sustainable Patient-Reported Outcome (PRO) collection program that promotes data integrity and facilitates a high patient response rate.

CODE Pro is a full-service outcomes platform that collects PROs on your behalf. We do everything for you.

Our goal is to keep healthcare providers where they belong: taking care of patients in their office and in the operating room. We handle the entire data collection process, and provide our clients with our expert analysis and reports. Our custom-built system for collecting and managing patient outcomes helps healthcare organizations:

  • Build a valuable dataset of validated patient outcomes;
  • Provide the best possible care for patients;
  • Negotiate better insurance contracts; and
  • Win managed-care agreements.

The CODE Pro Platform creates a streamlined process for collecting functional and quality-of-life outcome data that empowers our clients with the ability to quantify their value when negotiating with payers and differentiate their services from the community — all without interrupting physician or hospital productivity.

How our CODE Pro Outcome Product Works

A reliable system for data collection provides the basis for all outcome metrics. The two fundamental requirements for effective data collection are identification and capture. CODE Pro provides a structured identification system that tracks your patients throughout the care cycle: pre-op, 2 weeks post, 3 months, a 1-year follow up. You set the parameters, and our system will know what data to collect from each patient at each time point.

The CODE Pro system provides all the resources needed to help each patient individually through the outcome survey collection process via phone calls, text messages, and email. With our superior response rate (90%), multi-mode approach, and custom collection technology, CODE Pro is able to get more patient responses, all while ensuring the integrity of your data.

About the Author

Ellen Laux

Ellen Laux

Ellen is a design and marketing veteran and lives on the marketing team at CODE. She's focusing on helping surgeons and hospitals understand and LOVE PROs.