P.R.O. Capture Rate - 5 Ways to Improve it

Capture rate is the percentage of eligible patients who complete the Patient Reported Outcomes (PRO) assessments.

In CODE’s system, the overall capture rate is displayed along with the capture rate for each of the PRO intervals: pre-op, 3-month post-op, 1 year etc. It is very important to monitor each PRO administration interval and not just the overall capture rate.

Pre-op capture rate is the most critical to obtain, because if a ‘baseline’ PRO is not completed prior to a patient’s surgery date, they are no longer eligible for participation (sad face). The good news is, obtaining pre-op PROs is easy! Patients are preparing for their upcoming surgery, and are eager to check boxes. Using an easy to follow signup procedure, we have managed to achieve a pre-op capture rate of above 90% for all of our clients.

Post-op PROs are a little trickier. But because of CODEs robust yet user-friendly platform, our clients have managed to maintain a post-op capture rate higher than 80%. Even as high as 95% in some cases.

We believe that with your help, we can do better. Help us help you! Here’s How:

  1. Patient Education. CODE provides each client with a one-page flyer describing the PRO program. Make sure that the flyer makes its way into each patient’s pre-op packet. We already know how important Patient-Reported Outcomes are, and this little flyer will make sure your patients do too.
  2. Assessment vs Survey. Let’s face it, the word ‘survey’ has a negative stigma. We live in an over-surveyed consumer-driven era. But PROs are so much more than just a survey … right? So, let’s drop the word survey, and replace it with ‘an assessment.’ Doesn’t that sound better? Trust us, it works.
  3. 7-day rule. Here’s a fun fact: Patients who are contacted within 7 days of their actual surgery date have a 40% lower capture rate.When possible, send us the patient’s information at least a week prior and we will do our magic (not really magic – more like proven science), and help you achieve higher capture rates.
  4. Email Address. Of the 30,000 and exponentially growing database of patients we have at CODE, 96% of patients have emails they check often. Yes … 96%!! Even for patients who prefer to take the assessment over the phone, just scheduling it via email increases the chances of attaining a higher capture rate.
  5. Verify Procedures. There is nothing worse than calling a patient for their ‘3-month post-op assessment’ to learn that they never had surgery. It’s awkward for everyone.So, in an effort to make sure that never happens, when cases are canceled or rescheduled, please notify us ASAP. All of our post-op PRO activities are generated based on the surgery date that we have in our system. On top of that, we have a nifty little ‘procedure verification’ system in our dashboard. Check the box either verifying that ‘Yes’, the surgery date is correct or ‘No’, which gives you the option to either cancel the case or change the surgery date if the case was rescheduled. It’s a quick, painless, and possibly the easiest way to increase post-op PRO capture rate.

Now you know the basics, with these five items in place, together we can achieve a stellar overall capture rate. If you are having trouble with capture rate, contact your CODE rep, and we can dive deeper to help you.

About the Author

Breanna Cunningham

Breanna Cunningham

Breanna is the founder & CEO of CODE Technology. Prior to founding CODE, Breanna spent 8 years as a Registered Nurse, where she worked in both the Trauma ICU & hospital administration.