Pediatric QuickDASH

October 05, 2021


An Effective Pediatric PRO Measure for Upper Extremity Patients

The QuickDASH is a shortened version of the DASH Outcome Measure. Instead of 30 items, the QuickDASH uses 11 items to measure physical function and symptoms in people with any or multiple musculoskeletal disorders of the upper limb. The QuickDASH covers a disability/symptom section (11 items, scored 1-5). An optional high-performance sport/music or work module (four items, scored 1-5) may also be completed but is not required.


Quatman-Yates et al. evaluated the QuickDASH for use in Pediatric patients and stated that QuickDASH is a consistent and valid instrument for older children and adolescents with upper extremity pathology. QuickDASH is an 11-item, Likert-type scale scoring survey. There are an additional 4-question Work survey and a 4-question Sports and Performance survey that can be utilized when appropriate.


QuickDASH cannot be calculated if more than one item is unanswered in the Work or Sports sections, a score cannot be calculated if any question is missed. There is also a calculation to be completed for the score, which some other surveys do not require.


The DASH and QuickDASH Outcome Measures are available free of charge, provided they are not sold or incorporated into a product that is sold. The DASH and QuickDASH can be downloaded from the DASH website at The conditions for use of the DASH are that: 1) the DASH be used in its original form without any changes, and 2) the Intent to Use Form (also available online) is completed and submitted to the Institute for Work & Health.

Further Information

Quatman-Yates CC, Gupta R, Paterno MV, Schmitt LC, Quatman CE, Ittenbach RF. Internal consistency and validity of the QuickDASH instrument for upper extremity injuries in older children. J Pediatr Orthop. 2013 Dec;33(8):838-42. doi: 10.1097/BPO.0b013e3182a00688. PMID: 23863415.

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