Child & Adolescent IKDC Subjective Knee Form

October 05, 2021


An Effective Pediatric PRO Measure for Knee Patients

The Child and Adolescent – IKDC Subjective Knee Form (Pedi-IKDC) was developed for use with children and adolescents between the ages of 10 and 18 years old. The reliability and validity of the Pedi-IKDC have been shown to be acceptable in a population of young patients with a variety of knee disorders. There are several knee PROMs that include: KOOS, KOOS-JR, Oxford Knee, and WOMAC, which are all more specific to individual knee disorders. The IKDC is for general knee-related issues and coincides with the pediatric population the easiest.


The survey is 13 questions, primarily Likert style ratings with two Yes/No questions. The questions are straightforward and easy to score. A Proxy (Parent) uses the same form with the child when required.


Normative data is not yet available so do not use the percentiles generated by the scoring spreadsheet for child patients.


For investigators conducting academic research, the IKDC is available without a license or fee. Companies, vendors, or healthcare systems seeking use of the IKDC, please email Kevin M. Boyer for details on licensing the instrument. Changes to the IKDC are strictly prohibited.

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