CODE Technology + OAM = A Match Made in Michigan

Proving its strong commitment to delivering the best patient experience possible, the amazing health care professionals at Orthopaedic Associates of Michigan (OAM), a multi-facility private orthopaedic practice in Grand Rapids, MI, has teamed up with CODE Technology to build a Patient-Reported (PRO) Outcomes program in order to track, monitor and ensure the best possible patient outcomes.

OAM has five locations in Grand Rapids and specializes in spine, joint reconstruction, orthopaedic trauma, sports medicine, foot & ankle, hand & upper extremity, physical medicine, occupational & physical therapy, radiology, research, and work conditioning. Its outcome program will include 25 orthopaedic surgeons and five non-op providers.

“We’re a large, strong, independent group that prides itself on the care that we provide to our patients,” says Sharon Ellis, Director of Clinical Operations at OAM. “By collecting outcome data with CODE, we will be able to demonstrate to our current and prospective patients that we have quality physicians, we have expertise, and we have quality staff.”

CODE Technology will collect outcome data for OAM 100% outside of the clinic, removing burden from nurses and other staff members. Not only does this practice lead to an improved patient-experience, but also removes the need for OAM to hire additional full-or-part time employees and purchase expensive hardware.

Data will be used to improve patient satisfaction, quality improvement, research, and marketing, and is excited to utilize CODE’s unique and robust benchmarking reports.

Because CODE administers PRO surveys electronically, via SMS text message, and by phone, OAM’s patients will  have the most easy and convenient way to complete their PRO assessments, all from the convenience of their own home and devices. This convenience is why CODE is able to maintain a patient response rate of 80% across all intervals, and means OAM will have a consistent stream of data for quality assurance and research purposes.

CODE Technology CEO Breanna Cunningham says, “OAM is extremely committed to its patients and is always striving to become better. The outcome data CODE provides OAM will allow them to quantify their value and really demonstrate how they stand out from the crowd. We are absolutely thrilled to provide them with an outcomes team and the infrastructure to collect and report data, all with improving the patient experience in mind.”

“By looking at outcomes we can find areas where we can improve service to our patients. We want patients who are happy with the care and treatments they receive from us,” says Ellis.

About CODE Technology

At CODE Technology, we believe collecting patient outcomes is one of the most important steps an organization can take to prepare for the new era of value-based care. But, collecting outcome data is incredibly difficult. That’s why our mission is to make collecting patient-reported outcomes simple. With CODE as your outcomes vendor, we don’t just facilitate data collection, we DO data collection for you, as a service. Our team manages survey administration, data entry, reporting, and everything in between. We play nice with all EHRs, have an unparalleled survey capture rate, and our team is available to help whenever you need it.
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