Raising the Bar: A Guide to Orthopedic Benchmarking

Who says space is the final frontier? Here at CODE Technology, there’s a new frontier and it’s known as benchmarking. There’s a big need for the medical community to use data to define what “good” is, and benchmarking is going to be one of the most critical components to helping us come up with that definition.

At CODE, we’ve recently made benchmarking reports available to our clients, but some are still confused on what to do with the data they collect. That’s why we’ve created this guide: To find out what benchmarking is and what is it all about. What does Merriam Webster have to say? Joking.

Benchmarking removes the guesswork and shows that the truth is in the numbers. Surgeons can know how they stack up to the competition, and better yet, use the data to improve patient outcomes while lowering costs in the newly mandated world value-based care.

As trailblazers in this space, CODE Technology has everything you want to know about benchmarking in orthopedics, and more in our handy guide, Raising the Bar: A Guide to Benchmarking Basics.

Download this guide today to learn:

  • What benchmarking is
  • Why it’s important
  • Everything you can do with the data
  • The benefits of benchmarking
  • How CODE can help you get started


Benchmarking in Orthopedics Guide

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