Guide: Shoulder and Upper Extremity Patient-Reported Outcome Measures

Shoulder and Upper Extremity PRO Measures Guide

Finding information about strengths and considerations of Shoulder and Upper Extremity PRO Measures requires a lot of bouncing around the internet. Nothing seems to be all in one place … until now!

In this comprehensive guide we cover ten of the most popular PROMs for Shoulder and Upper Extremity: ASES Shoulder Score, DASH Score, Oxford Shoulder Score, PENN Shoulder Score, SPADI Shoulder Score, UCLA Shoulder Score, Western Ontario Shoulder Instability Index (WOSI), the Simple Shoulder Test (SST), Boston Carpal Tunnel Questionnaire (BCTQ), and Forgotten Joint Score (FJS)

In this guide you’ll take away:

  • A brief overview of each measure;
  • Unbiased strengths and considerations for each Shoulder/Upper Extremity PROM; and
  • Licensing information for each measure.

Download Shoulder & Upper Extremity Measures Guide