Participation in MARCQI (Michigan Arthroplasty Registry Collaborative Quality Initiative) is a requirement of the Blue Distinction Center (BDC) of Excellence for Knee and Hip surgery. If you want to submit data to MARCQI, the process may be very time consuming – every survey must be entered one question at a time noting the score and patient information. Some CODE clients have reported this is a painstaking process and feels like it takes forever to complete the process for eligible patients.

That’s where CODE Technology comes in. As a patient-reported outcomes vendor it’s our mission to make data collection and reporting as easy as possible. For our clients in Michigan, we’ve created a custom Data Export Wizard for submitting to MARCQI specifically. This feature turns hours of work into minutes with three (3) simple steps.

Just ask Kristie Dennett, Orthopedic Service Line Director of Holland Hospital in Michigan:

“I am so glad we chose this product, and appreciate the expertise and wisdom of the CODE team. They know outcomes inside and out, which gives us confidence in the product and the methods.”

Request a demo to see how we make submitting to MARCQI simple.