The Two Faces of Surgeon Scorecard: Part I

ProPublica’s Surgeon Scorecard is out there and available for patients to review before choosing a surgeon or hospital. The goal of the scorecard is to provide patients with more transparency and information when selecting a surgeon. Many surgeons disagree with the information being posted, because the reports do not take into account the full scope of patients. “The RAND report pointed out that about two-thirds of surgical complications occur during the index admission (when the surgery was performed). In addition, significant and sometimes life-altering complications that occurred after 30 days were omitted.” – Read more at- Surgeon Scorecard Thoroughly Dismantled

Surgeon Scorecard ProPublica

But even that “dismantling” the author still referred to ProPublica’s effort as, “Well-intended.” While the methodology and the input variables need refining, this is a start. Healthcare’s shift from volume to value started by implementing EHR systems that track and collect cost/process data, the next step is to track and collect outcome data.

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