PROMIS Global Health (PROMIS 10)

September 16, 2015


PROMIS Global Health (PROMIS 10)

PROMIS (Patient-Reported Outcomes Measurement Information System) Global Health, also referred to as PROMIS 10, is a unique measurement system developed by researchers at multiple academic institutions and the National Institutes of Health to assess health and wellbeing in adults and children from the general population, as well as those living with chronic conditions. The PROMIS 10 is a comprehensive and accessible set of tools used to measure self-reported physical, mental and social health; including symptoms, function and general perceptions of health and wellbeing. This tool is to be used on people 5-90 years of age. PROMIS 10 is the result of great efforts to advance the science of measuring patient-reported health status and has been developed and validated using state of the art methods to be psychometrically sound and relevant across diverse conditions.

The PROMIS 10 consists of ten (10) items that measure physical health, physical functioning, general mental health, emotional distress, satisfaction with social activities and relationships, ability to carry out usual social activities and roles, pain, fatigue and overall quality of life. It has been tested and validated in younger and older adults (Mariano et al. 2016) and in a wide range of clinical populations (eg. Pearman et al. 2016; Doll et al. 2016; Katzman et al. 2016) and settings (eg. Bryan et al. 2014; Hinami et al. 2015). The ten (10) questions of the PROMIS 10 have largely been adapted from other frequently used legacy measures, such as the SF-36 and EQ-5D and modified for greater sensitivity and precision.

The scoring algorithm allows each of the individual items to be examined separately to provide specific information about perceptions of physical function, pain, fatigue, emotional distress, social health and general perceptions of health. A study from the PROMIS network supported the derivation of two 4-item summary scores: a Global Physical Health (GPH) score and a Global Mental Health (GMH) score. The GPH and GMH score can be used to arrive at a “bottom-line” summary.

The PROMIS 10 scores are predictive of healthcare utilization, mortality in general and disease-specific clinical populations. GPH and GMH scores are scored on a T-Score Metric allowing for comparisons to a general population. An additional useful feature of this measure is the ability to estimate an EQ-5D index score from a linear combination of eight (8) PROMIS Global Health items.

Licensing and Cost

All English and some Spanish PROMIS 10 measures are publicly available for use in individual research, clinical practice, educational assessment, or other application without licensing or royalty fees. Commercial users must receive permission to use, reproduce or distribute the measure.

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