Orthopedic Payment Models Guide

A Guide to Orthopedic Payment Models: MIPS, APMs, Bundles, + More

A lot has been going on in Washington in the first half of 2017. Despite the uncertainty of the future of our healthcare system, there’s one thing the majority of orthopedic thought leaders agree on: value-based care is here to stay.

The first step to embracing value-based care is to define what value is. Luckily, there’s a simple equation that does just this: Value = outcomes/cost. Now, for the question of the hour: How can organizations and providers achieve the best possible patient outcomes for the lowest cost?

Luckily for those who believe that value-based care is the wave of the future, new payment models and their embedded incentive programs mentioned in this guide financially reward hospitals and physicians alike, based on the value of care they provide, not the number of services they perform.

Download A Guide to Orthopedic Payment Models: MIPS, APMs, Bundles, and more.

Download this guide today to learn:

  • How healthcare is tackling the denominator of the value equation; 
  • How MIPS and Advanced APMs work;
  • All the benefits of bundled payments;
  • What gainsharing is and how it works;
  • What co-management is and how it works;
  • How PRO data helps with the numerator of the value equation; and
  • How CODE can help you lower your costs with PROs.

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