CMS proposes Bundled Payments for hip and knee replacements through the ‘Comprehensive Care for Joint Replacement’ payment model

In The News: CMS Delayed Bundled Payment Initiatives, Here’s What You Need to Know

This just in! There’s been speculation for months, but now it’s official. CMS issued a final rule to push back mandatory implementation of bundled payment initiatives for cardiac care, along with the expansion of Comprehensive Care for Joint Replacement (CJR) to include hip and femur fractures, to January 1, 2018.

–> CMS has had quite an eventful few weeks. Just this month it also sent more than 800,000 letters to clinicians notifying them of their MIPS-participation status. Find out if you are exempt from MIPS participation by clicking here.

The announcement should come as no surprise. CMS announced its first delay to these programs back in March, when the expansion (set to go live on July 1) was originally delayed to October 1, 2017. After an extensive comment period, CMS was urged to delay the implementation date to January 1, 2018. Guess what? CMS listened. 

CMS said in its final rule:

“Based on this feedback, we agree with the majority of commenters that an additional delay prior to the start of the EPMs and CR incentive payment model is necessary. Delaying the EPMs’ and CR incentive payment model’s start date dates until January 1, 2018, will ensure that CMS has adequate time to undertake notice and comment rulemaking if modifications are warranted. This would ensure that, in the case of any policy changes, participants would have a clear understanding of the governing rules before episodes begin and have the opportunity to take additional steps to adjust to any potential changes that may be effectuated.”

Click here to see the Final Ruling from the Federal Register.

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