4 Things to Know About Submitting data to The MARCQI Registry

4 Things to Know About Submitting Data to MARCQI

At CODE Technology, we have a lot of clients who submit data to a handfull of registries, with each registry having a very specific process regarding data population, format, requirements, etc. MARCQI is just one of these registries.

To ease that burden for our clients, CODE has developed Data Export Wizards for all the major registries to make the process of formatting and submitting data a cinch. With the click of a button, organizations can export data in a ready-to-submit format.

Here’s What You Need to Know if You Want to Submit Data to MARCQI

  1. MARCQI requires that you submit every PRO survey one question at a time. Even though the PROs are only seven to 10 questions long, you’re looking at hours worth of work submitting all that data into their platform. Be sure to allocate enough time to make it happen.
  2. The PRO Measures this registry uses are the PROMIS Global 10KOOS JR, and HOOS JR. It also uses three supplemental questions recommended by CMS. The recommended intervals for PROs: Pre-Op, 3 Months, 1, 2, 5 and 10 Years Post-Op.
  3. In addition to PRO’s, MARCQI submission includes surgical event data, implant device information, and clinical laboratory values.
  4. Participation in MARCQI is a requirement of the Blue Distinction Center (BDC) for Knee and Hip Replacement. Hospitals and surgery centers in Michigan performing a minimum of 200 TKA/THA procedures annually are also eligible.


How CODE Can Help – The MARCQI Data Export Wizard

If you are a CODE client and either currently participate, or have dreams to participate in MARCQI, here are the deets on how our fancy data export wizard works!

CODE’s custom MARCQI Data Export Wizard automagically formats and exports data to the exact specifics you need for MARCQI submission. This export configuration alone saves a ton of time. It also eliminates the costs associated with having an “analog processor,” i.e. an employee to handle the data organization and submission process.

Because MARCQI won’t let vendors submit PRO data on their client’s behalf, you’ll need to upload the data yourself. But don’t worry, the MARCQI Data Export Wizard makes it super easy.

Within the CODE Dashboard, all of our clients will see a MARCQI Export page under the “More” tab. Select the survey, and export the file as a CSV. Next, upload that CSV to the MARCQI database. See the screenshots below:

That’s it. Your data is now ready for you to submit to MARCQI, and all it took was a few clicks! Much easier than the numerous steps for PRO collection and data submission outlined on the official site, no?

What’s more, MARCQI suggests that participants also submit their orthopedic patient-reported outcome data to the American Joint Replacement Registry (AJRR), which recently celebrated its one-millionth procedure. With AJRR, CODE is able to submit PRO data on your behalf, so you don’t even need a data export wizard. All you have to do is ask your outcomes team account manager!

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