Dr. Thomas Vail Shares why the SF Giants Might be a Good Model for Health Care

November 12, 2016


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From AAHKS 2016

CODE sat down with Thomas Parker Vail, MD, James L. Young Professor and Chairman Department of Orthopaedic Surgery
University of California, San Francisco. Unfortunately, we experienced some technical difficulty, but managed to catch the last minute where Dr. Vail shared why the SF Giants might be a good model for health care to consider! The transcribed interview is included below.


Dr. Cunningham: Talking to Dr. Vail here with UCSF, one quick question about the San Francisco Giants. How do the San Francisco Giants maintain their excellence over so many years?

Dr. Vail: One of the themes that we discussed this morning was attention to detail and knowing your business. In their case it’s a business. In our case it’s a business to some extent. You understand it, you manage it. You look at data, you look at variables. You don’t just monitor it, but you intervene. You see what is the effect of your intervention, and then you go back. It’s this iterative process. I think the Giants with all the World Series every other year and the ability to maintain talent in their organization, they definitely have attention to detail. They’re looking at their outcomes, and they can change it accordingly. I think they may be a little bit more simplistic than health care but a very good model to consider.

Dr. Cunningham: Fantastic. Thank you, Dr. Vail, one of the champions of total joint replacement. We appreciate his time.

Dr. Vail: Thanks.

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