CODE Employee Highlight: Luka Trbojevic, CODE Security & Compliance Team

This year may be the scariest year for healthcare security yet. We’re on track for the most data breaches ever. As of March 31st, almost 2 million patient records were stolen or exposed across 79 confirmed data breaches. What’s alarming is that it’s a 23% increase vs. the same time last year. And that’s from the incidents we know of. Think about how many breaches haven’t been discovered or reported just yet!

Luka So to keep CODE’s data safe, we’ve got Luka Trbojevic, CODE’s very own Information Security & Compliance officer. Every single day, Luka makes sure that we’re a fortress, we’re HIPAA-compliant and up-to-date with all security measures.

“We live in an almost fully digital world, and every day we trust banks, shops, hospitals, and schools with our most sensitive data. Information security and compliance are important to me because it’s an opportunity to be a protective force – the same protective force that I hope everyone I trust my own information with is too.”

Luka is a lifelong security enthusiast and studied Molecular Biology at Bellevue College, but made the switch to full-time information security, simply because “computers are too much fun.” Luka joined CODE in February and has quickly become a valuable member of the team.

“There are no direct or indirect pressures to get folks to act or be a certain way. Because of that, we have a truly exceptional and diverse team. Everyone has incredible autonomy because their skills and judgment are trusted, so we can make things happen with unbelievable speed and success. … At CODE, we lead by example. Everything is always done the right way, scrutinized, and improved. And it’s with these measures and our intense, security-focused attitude that I hope to keep and build on the trust we’re given.”

Fun Fact

Were you watching T-Mobile CEO John Legere’s recent Livestream on Periscope? Fast forward to the 6:10-minute mark to see a photobomb made by, you guessed it, our very own Luka.

“I was on my daily trail run when I came across T-Mobile’s CEO. In typical Luka fashion, I introduced myself by saying “IT’S YOU!” (which totally isn’t creepy in the middle of the woods with a person you’ve never met) and congratulated him on T-Mobile’s successful 600Mhz spectrum auction (because who doesn’t follow FCC spectra auctions?!?!) I only realized after the fact I bombed his Livestream.”

About CODE Technology

Here at CODE Technology, as leaders in patient-reported outcomes (PROs), we collect and protect a lot of patient data. While HIPAA rules provide guidance for basic information security, securing patient-reported outcome data demands more than just the basics. In addition to strictly maintaining HIPAA compliance, CODE turns HIPAA data security rules up a notch to stay ahead of emerging security threats. Our growing team of in-house security engineers design sophisticated tools and systems to stay steps ahead of modern cyber security threats and attackers.

All of our systems used to collect and store patient data are hardened to the core. Our engineers perform security research on the software we use so that we find and fix vulnerabilities before adversaries do.

To stay proactive, we do weekly, company-wide security and HIPAA updates where we discuss current threats and evolving technologies. If that wasn’t enough, we perform “red team” tests, where our security experts imitate a real cyber attack. This way, we can find holes and fill them before a real attacker can use them.

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