CODE Employee Highlight: Jennifer Gibson, Client Operations

At CODE Technology, it’s our human touch that makes us, us. Instead of relying on automated software to take care of patient-reported outcome (PRO) collection, we have a team of actual human Client Operations managers to assist with client needs.

Jennifer GibsonLet me introduce you one of these amazing humans, Jennifer Gibson, our fabulous Client Operations manager. She’s been with CODE since 2015, and it’s her 30-plus years experience in the medical field that makes her the absolute perfect person to take care of CODE client needs.

As part of Client Operations, Jen rolls up her sleeves and gets to work with clients once their patient-reported outcome (PRO) program has gone live. She makes sure all procedures are collected, making sure everything is in its right place and keeping everything on track as she goes. She also works with our Development and IT team to make sure all software is user-friendly.

And with experience on the frontend, experience in the backend, 12 years of owning her own medical billing company, experience as a manager, a care coordinator, and a teacher, nobody knows what our clients need, and what they want to see, better.

But it was her time at Paradise Valley Hospital (now known as Abrazo Scottsdale Campus), where she crossed paths with then-registered nurse (and now CEO of CODE) Breanna Cunningham, that brought her to the CODE team.

“She was working in the emergency room at a hospital where I was working at as a contractor. Immediately when I got there, it was evident that she RAN that department. She knew where everything was. If you have a question, you would go to “Pretty” and she knew the answer – or she would know where to point you. It was so refreshing to see someone who does their job with such high quality,” says Cunningham, CODE’s CEO.

“She embodies the values of CODE and what we stand for. She has a servant heart, she’s passionate about what she does, she uses data to make decisions, and she cares so much about every aspect of her work.”

It’s evident that Jen loves what she does, and while she admits that she does miss taking care of patients, she believes collecting PROs is an important way to help the patient, but in a different way. She says, “Collecting PROs is becoming more important as we weed out the volume-based idea and usher in the new wave of value-based care. But most importantly, the patients will ultimately benefit the most.”

About CODE Technology

At CODE Technology, we believe collecting patient outcomes is one of the most important steps an organization can take to prepare for the new era of value-based care. But, collecting outcome data is incredibly difficult. That’s why our mission is to make collecting patient-reported outcomes simple. With CODE as your outcomes vendor, we don’t just facilitate data collection, we DO data collection for you, as a service. Our team manages survey administration, data entry, reporting, and everything in between. We play nice with all EHRs, have an unparalleled survey capture rate, and our team is available to help whenever you need it.

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