What’s Your Score, Star Rating, Wait time - 5 Ways Patients Are Finding Out
We already discussed the constantly increasing importance of the Internet marketing for surgical practices in 5 Trends Putting the Squeeze on Surgical Practices. When researching their disease, there is no shortage of sites dedicated to providing a platform for any one to leave feedback on your practice. To treat a condition, doctors know they must first assess all of the symptoms before treating the patient. The same can be true for assessing and treating your online presence.

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Those are only 5 of several more platforms out there. Contact Us to learn how we can help Practices fully assess and treat their online presence through technology and PROs.

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Jeff Wertz

Jeff Wertz

Jeff is an ortho sales veteran who believes that outcomes are the key to determining value. He relentlessly stays on top of CMS rulings and ortho trends - not because he has to.. but because he loves it, really.