MARCQI is a Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan (BCBSM) and Blue Care Network supported group that began in 2012. Dedicated to improving the quality of care for patients undergoing hip and knee replacement surgery in Michigan, MARCQI has built a statewide hip and knee replacement data registry for hospitals and ambulatory surgery centers.


CODE’s MARCQI Data Export Wizard

Because each data registry is unique regarding data population, format and requirements, CODE developed a Data Export Wizard to make the process of formatting and submitting data a cinch for our clients.

CODE’s MARCQI Data Export Wizard automatically formats and allows a client to export data to a MARCQI-ready format which eliminates the costs associated with having an “analog processor,” i.e. an employee to handle the data collection and organization.  

**CODE has no formal relationship with MARCQI. Because CODE clients own the data collected, any hospital utilizing CODE’s PRO Solution for data collection can submit their data to MARCQI.