PROs Take Center Stage in Healthcare: A Game-Changer for Clinicians

October 20, 2023


Patient-reported outcomes (PROs) are revolutionizing healthcare as we know it. No longer are they undervalued; instead, they are becoming an essential tool for clinicians and researchers to provide better care. In a recent podcast, Bre Cunningham, the founder, and CEO of CODE Technology, sheds light on the value of PROs, challenges of licensing, and the infrastructure behind collecting, scoring, and reporting PRO data.

PROs: An Active Player in Healthcare

Gone are the days when clinicians relied solely on clinician-reported outcomes to assess a patient’s condition. With the publication of so many studies showing the importance of quantifying pain, function, and quality of life from the patient’s perspective, PROs are now a cornerstone of value-based healthcare. Clinicians can now actively engage with their patients and collect PRO data to track their progress accurately.

Challenges of Licensing Proprietary PRO Tools

One significant challenge faced by the PRO space is licensing proprietary tools. Often built by clinicians, these tools may be acquired by entities, leading to a contract that requires a license. This process can be costly and cumbersome for clinicians, adding to the burden of maintaining the license. However, there are validated, free tools available to clinicians that can provide accurate data without the added expense.

male clinician instruction a room full of people on the power of patient-reported outcomes

PRO Data: A Treasure Trove of Information for Surgeons

Surgeons, in particular, stand to gain significantly from PRO data collection. By using PROs to monitor their patients post-surgery, surgeons can identify areas of improvement in their clinical practice and negotiate better contracts. While some surgeons delegate PRO data collection to their staff, it is crucial to understand that the process requires infrastructure and organization.

Behind the Scenes: Collecting, Scoring, and Reporting PRO Data

The process of collecting, scoring, and reporting PRO data requires a significant amount of resources. Collecting PROs can be challenging, but with the right infrastructure, the data can provide valuable insights into patient outcomes and help improve clinical practices. Automation and data processing tools can make the process more efficient, enabling clinicians to focus on their patients.

clinician going over statistics with a care team in front of a whiteboard

PROs: The Future of Healthcare

PROs are transforming healthcare by providing clinicians with valuable patient-reported data. By understanding the challenges involved in collecting PRO data and using validated, free tools, clinicians and researchers can unlock the potential of this valuable data. To learn more about PROs and their role in healthcare, tune in to the podcast with Bre Cunningham.

In summary, PROs have emerged as a game-changer in healthcare, empowering clinicians to take an active role in patient care. With validated tools, surgeons can use PRO data to improve clinical practice, negotiate better contracts, and provide better patient outcomes. The infrastructure required to collect, score, and report PRO data can be challenging, but with automation, the process can become more manageable. As healthcare continues to evolve, PROs will continue to play a crucial role in improving patient outcomes.

Take the Next Step Towards Enhancing Your Patient Care

Are you ready to unlock the full potential of patient-reported outcomes and take your clinical practice to the next level? Listen to our podcast with Bre Cunningham, CEO and founder of CODE Technology, to learn how PROs can revolutionize your approach to patient care.