November 01, 2016


The OrthoForum is a national physician organization whose membership includes some of the largest privately owned orthopaedic practices in the United States [1].

According to the organizations statement, the group was established to, “meet the unique challenges that integrated orthopaedic group practices face in today’s health care environment” [2].

Members are individually selected to participate in its activities to help promote the goals of the organization and enhance its presence through benchmarking, business ventures and networking [3].

As an organization it is politically active at both the federal and state level as it works to protect independent orthopaedic group practice [4].


The OrthoForum’s long term goal is it seeks to become the nations “go-to authority for orthopaedic practice management.” As an organization it is committed to helping its members with all the challenges they face in the ever-changing field of private practice [5].

How many members


Recommended PRO measures


Contribution to registries

At the present time, OrthoForum does not contribute to any national or international registries.