In the News: AJRR Hits 1 Million Procedures

March 31, 2017


In the News: AJRR Hits 1 Million Procedures

Good news! Just this week the American Joint Replacement Registry (AJRR) announced that it reached its one-millionth hip and knee procedure. This is a big step forward as we are now fully immersed in the transition into a value-based healthcare system where data means more than ever.

Considering AJRR didn’t start collecting data until 2013, it’s a big milestone to reach in just four years. In those four years, the registry was able to grow to where it is today: nearly 6,400 participating surgeons in almost 900 institutions, collecting all three levels of data: Level I – Patient-related data; Level II – patient risk factors and comorbidities; and Level III – patient-reported outcomes.

Time to celebrate

“This momentous achievement would not have been possible without the help of all our participating hospitals, ambulatory surgery centers, and private practice groups,” said AJRR Board of Directors Chair Daniel J. Berry, MD, in a company press release. “Our participants are very dedicated to improving orthopedic care, and their high-quality data has really made the Registry a valuable resource.”

A valuable resource indeed. All this data means that the registry is on the brink of having enough data to start conducting survivorship analysis, as well as providing risk-adjusted outcome information. That’s nothing to shake a stick at, and they’re not done.

“As the AJRR continues to expand, so will our capabilities as an organization,” said Dr. Berry. “The fact that we can now collect all three levels of data elements will create data analysis opportunities that weren’t possible before.” He continued, “AJRR will keep progressing to further advance orthopedic care.”

How CODE can help with data submission

Do you submit data to AJRR? The benefits of submitting data to the National Registry are numerous. First, it aligns with several Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) quality initiatives, as well as with federal quality initiatives like Comprehensive Care for Joint Replacement (CJR). And, when you submit your data to AJRR, you’ll also have data to make informed decisions to cut costs and most importantly, improve patient care and reduce readmissions.

AJRR also works with third-party vendors like CODE Technology. As your personal outcomes team, we help you understand what data you need to collect, coordinate your key team members, integrate directly with your EHR, and we do everything else in-between, including submitting your data to AJRR, without any hassle or disruption to your workflow.

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