Adequate Pre-Op Education Proves to Substantially Improve Surgical Outcomes

May 26, 2015


Patient Education improves Outcomes

A Gallup poll asked patients to rate their level of agreement with 3 statements related to important aspects of pre-surgery education, and less than half of the respondents agreed with all 3 statements. Patients are doing their part, but hospital leaders need to reassess their education strategy.

Gallup asked patients to rate their level of agreement with 3 statements:

  • I knew what to expect after surgery
  • I was prepared for my experience post-surgery
  • I followed post-surgery instructions, such as rehabilitation or medication

    These 3 important aspects of pre-surgery education substantially affected outcomes. Patients who strongly agreed with just 1 statement had higher satisfaction and lower problem incidence. Agreeing with 2 or 3 statements yielded even greater outcomes.

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