What if we said you could have:

  • Pre & post op functional outcome data at your finger tips
  • More data to benchmark against.
  • Thousands of prospective data points for research
  • PRO data collected outside the clinic
ODI Patient Report
Value Equation

How do we define better outcome data:

  • More data = better data
  • Representative of your patent population (i.e. completed PRO surveys from all eligible patients)
  • The magic happens when Level I, II, & III data are combined.  This allows you to work on both sides of the value equation (value = outcomes/cost)
  • Long term functional PRO data – 1 year post op & beyond (CODE is already collecting 2 year data)

Better patent-reported outcome data allows you to:

  • Standardize best practices
  • Lower costs
  • Increase patient satisfaction
  • Research
  • Make more money

Our patient-response rate is 90% across ALL collection intervals

Patient-response matters.

Put simply, for every 100 patients you operate on, we successfully collect a PRO from 90 of them.

All of this without interruption to your workflow, hardware purchases, or new FTEs.

Dreams do come true!

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