MARCQI is a Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan (BCBSM) and Blue Care Network supported group that began in 2012. Dedicated to improving the quality of care for patients undergoing hip and knee replacement surgery in Michigan, MARCQI has built a statewide hip and knee replacement data registry for hospitals and ambulatory surgery centers.

The goal is to create a quality improvement infrastructure by developing a consortium of hospitals to engage in quality improvement activities for hip and knee procedures throughout the state. 60 hospitals and ambulatory surgical centers in Michigan are participating in the MARCQI registry.

MARCQI has three main goals, founded on the principle of making Michigan the best place in the world to have a joint replacement:

  1. To improve patient safety and the quality of hip and knee joint replacement procedures performed in Michigan by promoting continuous quality improvement activities throughout the state.
  2. To improve quality of hip and knee joint replacement procedures by reporting on results and identifying devices and techniques with superior outcomes through the analysis of registry data.
  3. To demonstrate to patients and purchasers that MARCQI institutions are improving the value of arthroplasty services.

Hospitals and surgery centers that perform a minimum of 200 TKA/THA procedures annually are eligible. To participate in MARCQI, hospitals are required to hire a full-time employee for data abstraction. BCBSM will provide funding for this employee as long as the hospital has a participating hospital agreement (PHA) with BCBSM. Hospitals that do not have a PHA with BCBSM are still able to participate, but they will not receive funding for the FTE.

Hospitals must also identify an Orthopedic Clinical Champion, an administrative champion to act as the Administrative Lead, and for the first year of participation, a staff Information Technology (IT) person needs to attend meetings. Surveys can be filled out by patients via email, tablet device, or paper & pen. IBR approval is not required, as the data collected is for quality improvement activities only. Participating hospitals contribute the following case data for all eligible patients to the MARCQI registry using a web-based portal:

  • Surgical Event Data
  • Implant Device Information
  • Clinical Laboratory Values
  • Patient Reported Outcome surveys (PROs) – HOOS JR & KOOS JR

If hospitals also elect to participate in the American Joint Replacement Registry (AJRR), MARCQI can submit the data directly to AJRR. Participation in MARCQI is a requirement of the Blue Distinction Center (BDC) of Excellence for Knee and Hip surgery.

MARCQI Data Export Wizard
Because each data registry is unique regarding data population, format, requirements, and more specifically, MARCQI won’t let CODE submit PRO data on our client’s behalf, CODE has developed Data Export Wizards to make the process of formatting and submitting data a cinch for our clients.

MARCQI Data Export Wizard automatically formats and exports data to MARCQI-specific specs: a pipe-delimited or comma-delimited format. This export configuration alone saves a ton of time, and also eliminates the costs associated with having an “analog processor,” i.e. an employee to handle the data organization and submission process.

Within the CODE Dashboard, all of our clients will see a MARCQI Export page under the “More” tab. Select the survey, and export the file as a .PDF. Next, upload that PDF to the MARCQI database.


That’s it. Your data was submitted, and all it took was a few clicks!

**CODE has no formal relationship with MARCQI. Because CODE clients own the data collected, any hospital utilizing CODE’s PRO Solution for data collection can submit their data to MARCQI.