A successful patient-reported outcomes
partner sweats the details

The Fundamentals

What is CODE?

Officially, CODE stands for Clinical Outcomes and Data Engineering. Internally, we say CODE stands for Collecting Outcome Data Effortlessly. We specialize in collecting patient-reported outcomes. #weloveoutcomes

How long have you been around?

We were founded in 2010 and began focusing solely on collecting PROMs in 2013.

What types of orgs do you work with?

We work with hospitals and private practices of all sizes and specialties. Orthopedics is our specialty, but we can collect for any patient population that has a validated PRO measure and a clear intervention date.


Of course!
CODE is ICHOM Certified, an AJRR Authorized Vendor, and a Qualified Clinical Data Registry (QCDR). Mostly this just means #weloveoutcomes & we can accept and submit data on behalf of clients to meet various initiatives.

Our Platform: Everything you need, nothing you don’t

Tell me about your Platform.

Our platform is the perfect combination of process and technology continuously refined by the CODE team to meet our high internal metrics for success: capture rate and minimal disruption to the organization.

What do you mean when you say CODE is a service too?

Glad you asked! With traditional PRO vendors, you buy a software license, and then your staff is responsible for managing the program. With CODE you get PRO software PLUS our team manages your PRO program. CODE account managers handle enrollment, collection, data entry, and reporting. It’s our job to ensure your program is successful and that your collection goals are met.

How do patients take the survey?

The vast majority of patients complete the survey online, via a link sent to their email or to their phone via text message. However, we provide over-the-phone survey administration as needed.

Does your platform require any hardware, like iPads?

No. CODE highly recommends that patients take the PROM outside of clinic, so additional hardware is not necessary. We securely host the CODE PRO platform in the cloud, where it is available 24/7 for patients to complete surveys or staff members to access the dashboard. The dashboard, reports, patient data, and surveys can be viewed on any device that has access to the internet.

Do patients have to log into a patient portal to take the PROM?

No. Asking a patient to log in to a portal (or do anything for that matter) decreases the likelihood they will take the PROM. The CODE survey platform is friction-less. Patients simply click on a unique link and they start their survey.

What do the CODE reports and dashboards include?

The goal for all our reports is to allow you identify trends with high level data, and then dive deeper to identify causation. Our reports and dashboards are role based, so each user has access to different data. Providers, for example, can see all their patient reports – which includes the functional and global health PROM score, patient experience data, patient comments, and patient-reported complication data. Nurse navigators can see the same data as providers, but they also have the ability to see data for all providers, and multiple locations if they work with multiple clinics.

What are CODE’s benchmarking capabilities?

Whenever possible we encourage organizations to collect a standard set of data, which allows for the most robust benchmarking. Benchmarking reports allow you to compare provider to provider, location to location, patient to patient – all against the CODE Orthopedic registry. Our software is designed to allow you to export the data to the granular data point, or stay high-level.  It’s up to you!

Do you allow multi-user access?

Absolutely! We believe information drives engagement, so there is no cost for you to give licenses to your team. We encourage all our clients to grant access to all individuals associated with the patient-reported outcomes program. Reports can even be tailored to each user to provide relevant information on patient outcome measures.

You get the best PRO data

What PRO Measures can CODE collect?

CODE can collect any functional, global health, or CAT PRO Measure. CODE even collects patient experience, NPS, and patient-reported complication data for every patient we survey. The most important thing your organization can do is collect the same PROM at the same time on all patients in your patient population. This ensures that when you have enough data to start putting it to use, you’re comparing apples to apples.

What patient populations can we use CODE for PROMs?

CODE can collection PROs for any patient population that has a validated PRO measure. The majority of our clients are collecting PROs for their orthopedic patient populations. See the most popular Orthopedic PRO Measures here.

What other types of data can CODE collect?

CODE can collect Level 1 and Level 2 data. Typically this data is included retrospectively, or by integrating with your EHR.

What is your Capture Rate and why is Capture Rate important?

The CODE capture rate averages 85% across all intervals of collection for every patient population. This includes pre-op and all post-op intervals (usually 3m, 1y, annual). Capture rate is important for several reasons. If you’re reporting the data to regulatory bodies or commercial payers, a pre-determined capture rate must be met to qualify for reimbursement opportunities. If you’re collecting for research or to identify best practices, a high capture rate indicates that your data is representative of your patient population.

Implementation is totally painless

How long is implementation?

Officially, implementation is 90 days – but our goal is always to be collecting patient-reported outcomes within 30 days. We spend the next 60 days perfecting the process with you. 90% of the work is done in the first 30 days.

Who needs to be involved?

Someone from the IT team to help coordinate integration of our healthcare information technology, and someone from the operations or clinical side that has a pulse on the workflow and the personnel.

How much time will my team need to dedicate to implementation?

You can anticipate around an hour a week for the first 30 days. After that, less than an hour per week.

How does IT fit in?

IT helps facilitate integration with your EHR. Your IT team will love CODE because their level of involvement is minimal compared to most healthcare information technology integrations.

For the Surgeon

How is the PRO data collected?

CODE reaches out to your patients via email, text message, or phone asking them to complete the PRO. Once your patient hits submit, the PROM is scored and available on your dashboard within seconds.

Will it disrupt my clinic?

Nope! CODE is a platform and a service, which means we use our team instead of yours to run the PRO program. Even better, CODE manages the entire process outside of clinic, so there is truly no disruption to your clinic work flow. It’s why our tagline is: We collect outcome data quietly while you work.

How do you represent me & my practice?

It’s key that all communication with your patients sounds and looks like you. To do this, we brand all communication as your practice, which means to the patient it feels like they are communicating with someone from your team.

What involvement do you need from me?

All we ask from you and your staff is to educate your patients about the program and why it is important. If you plan to use the data for shared decision making with the patient, we can talk about the best work flow to ensure you have the PRO surveys when you need them.

What kind of reports will I get?

Be as active or passive as you would like and choose from daily, weekly, and monthly reports sent directly into your inbox with metrics and statistics specific to your practice.

Who do you share my data with?

That is up to you! We can submit your data directly to registries like AJRR and CMS, without you having to do extra work.  Just let us know.

Who interfaces with the patients?

The CODE team interacts with your patients using emails and scripts approved by you. No machines, or off-shore call centers.

Does CODE help facilitate research?

Absolutely! We love helping with research, and our customizable PRO Modules make it easy for you to add any question you need. We also offer a-la-cart consultant services to assist with everything from hypothesis analysis to manuscript development. If you have a specific study in mind, let’s talk about how we can help.

For the Administrator

How much does it cost?

CODE pricing is made up of two costs: A one time cost to set up your registry and a monthly cost to collect the data. Our most popular monthly cost model is $/provider/ month. Don’t forget, because CODE is a service you won’t need any additional employees to manage the program or iPads to collect the data!

Do you interface with my EHR?

Absolutely! We interface with all major EHR/PM software systems. Reach out to us directly for an up-to-date list.

Can you submit our data to registries, like AJRR, CMS, or MARCQI?

As an AJRR Authorized Vendor, we can submit data directly on your behalf. Same for CMS. If you participate in a commercial or state bundle (like MARCQI) that don’t allow 3rd parties to submit on your behalf, we can work with you to develop a data export wizard that will format your data in the right way to make submission easy.

We’ve already been collecting patient-reported outcome data. Can you import the data to your platform?

Yes! As long as the data is clean we can import it into CODE. We have experience importing everything from paper copies, excel files, and data from other vendors.

What is required daily from my staff to maintain this program?

Educating the patient on what they can expect and verification of patient procedures (usually once a month).

What happens when a provider leaves or discontinues service?

This is up to you. We work with every client individually on how they want to share the data and whether or not they want to continue contacting those patients.

Who owns the data?

PHI is owned by the client, and you always have access to download all raw data via the web-based dashboard.

Can we incorporate patient experience questions?

Yes. We actually recommend that you always ask patient experience questions. Patient Experience questions are an early win for our clients and provide valuable feedback for internal process improvement.

What about CJR?

Can you help us with CJR?

Absolutely. Collecting outcome data with CODE not only helps you meet quality initiatives, but also provides valuable insights to plan and successfully execute within any bundled payment or alternative payment model.

How can you collecting outcomes help?

Right now, collecting PROs is voluntary and will provide easy bonus points towards the Composite Quality Score that directly affects reimbursement. In the upcoming years, PRO collection will be mandated and require increased patient participation.

How much money can we save by collecting outcomes?

It really depends on your numbers, but potentially a lot. With the bonus points you get from collecting PROs, you can move up to new quality levels, each with monetary incentives attached.

Can you help us send our outcomes to CMS?

Yes, we are a Qualified Clinical Data Registry (QCDR) for CMS. Contact us for a comprehensive list of measures we can help you meet.

Experts you can count on

Do you offer ongoing support?

100%. When you sign up for CODE, you are assigned an account manager that is responsible for your program. They are available any time to answer questions, trouble shoot, provide training, etc.

What do your account manager do?

CODE account managers are regularly monitoring your programs’ performance. Account managers ensure patient enrollment is accurate and timely (they know the difference between Total Hip Arthroplasty and Arthroscopy, hip, surgical; with femoroplasty), field patient questions, monitor your capture rate, and make sure your program meets its goals. Our high internal expectations for patient-reported outcome collection is contagious and drives accountability at all levels.

What else can I expect from my outcomes team?

Our goal is to enroll every eligible patient, so we go above and beyond to make it happen. As an extension of your team, we treat your patients as our own; fielding their questions and alerting your staff when needed.

Does your team have a health care background?

Yes! Our account managers have deep experience in health care. They understand clinic workflow and are empathetic to the challenges our clients face. Oh, and our founder and CEO is a nurse by trade, working 8 years as a Trauma ICU nurse and in hospital administration.

Security is in our DNA

Is CODE HIPAA compliant?

Absolutely. We follow protocols, processes, frameworks, and methodologies for computer security laid out by the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) for everything from risk analysis and management, to contingency planning to device and media usage. For a comprehensive HIPAA compliance or security overview, please contact us directly.

How do you keep our data safe?

All system, application, user, and patient data is backed up nightly and encrypted at the file level. All servers are updated regularly with the latest security patches, and they run on a dedicated network protected by firewalls, intrusion-detection systems, and controlled access points.

How often does CODE update the platform?

CODE is a web-based Software-as-a-Service (SaaS). Our in house software team updates the platform frequently – often several times a week.

How do you manage who has access to what?

Our clients can choose who has access to all data, and where they can access it from through IP restrictions, and user-specific settings.

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