About CODE

CODE Technology was formed in 2010 after Breanna Cunningham spent 8 years in healthcare as an RN. CODE has designed software to document a code blue, software to administer patient experience surveys, and even software that reimagined the hospital call light. In 2013, CODE made it’s final pivot to focus solely on collecting patient-reported outcomes.

However, CODE has always been more than just a software company. Firsthand experience in healthcare led Breanna to identify one of the primary challenges in collecting patient outcome data: the busy medical professional simply does not have time or resources to dedicate to this time-intensive process. By leveraging human process, technology, and personalized customer service, CODE streamlines data collection, making outcome data easy, affordable and accessible.

With the provider in mind, our goal is always to alleviate the burden from the surgeon/organization, while at the same time, being easy and personalized for the patient. CODE is here to allow you to do what you do best: care for patients.

About the Author

Ellen Laux

Ellen Laux

Ellen is a design and marketing veteran and lives on the marketing team at CODE. She's focusing on helping surgeons and hospitals understand and LOVE PROs.