Thinking about collecting patient-reported outcomes?

Traditionally, collecting PRO data has been incredibly difficult. Yet, it’s one of the most important steps an organization can take to prepare for the new era of value-based care.

CODE Technology is different.

How we do it

Humans like Ben & Jen become your personal outcomes team. They manage your program to ensure you collect the most data possible.

CODE Handles:

•    Implementation

•    EHR integration

•    Patient enrollment

•    Data entry

•    PRO administration

•    Reminder phone calls

•    Phone assessments

•    Reporting / Benchmarking

All 100% outside of office.


Proven Results: Patient-response is 90% across ALL collection intervals


With CODE as your personal outcomes team you’ll have:

• Pre & post op functional outcome data in at your fingertips (available as soon as your patient takes the PRO)

• Thousands of data points for research, marketing, QA, and payment negotiation

• Real-time internal & external benchmarking reports

Learn about our innovative, new model that makes PRO collection simple.

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